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Biscuits in Hell


full title: Biscuits in Hell
author/coder: Playsoft/Paul Lay
release date: June 2020
source / www: PM via AtariAge
other info : Abbuc exclusive!
genre / type: game
reset-proof : NO! (Reset=reboot!)
test config.: 6502C CPU (Sally), Atari XL-OS (Rev. 2), 64KBytes of RAM, (Atari) Basic off!

There are two modes of play:

This plays like the original Spectrum game where you have 128 lives to complete all 8 levels. You can teleport by standing on a launchpad and moving the joystick up or down.You can walk left and right; go off the left of the screen and you go up,go off the right and you go down. You must avoid all the enemies, the snake and the bomb when it explodes. You complete a level by eating all the biscuits. Whenever you eat a biscuit you get a short burst of invincibility. You do not score points in this mode, but if you manage to complete all 8 levels then the number of lives you have remaining is your score.

The above rules apply but you are playing for points and only have 5 lives. There is a time limit for each level and if it runs out you lose a life. You get bonus points for anytime remaining when you complete a level.

There are objects to collect that will help:
Cake = extra points
Runner = speed boost (for a limited time)
Clock = freeze enemies (for a limited time)
Star = invincibility (for a limited time)
Lightning = kill all enemies (they reappear after a delay)
Gun + Ammo = press trigger to shoot at enemies (they reappear after a delay)
Heart = extra life (these appear every 1,000 points)

There are hazards on the platforms:
Blocks = you cannot walk through these
Spikes = will kill you if you are walking on them and they rise up
Conveyor belts = will automatically move you in the direction they are travelling

Keyboard controls:
Space = pause/resume
Esc = abort game, return to title


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